Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Play Date Changes Our Thoughts On Girls

Yesterday was our first time doing an afternoon/evening play date.  I have to say, it was awesome!  Mornings are the typical time moms choose to get together with their little ones, but I have always found mornings busy enough as it is and difficult to find an empty morning in common with whatever mom I am attempting to connect with. 

Thank you to my friend who decided to be the brave one and pack her three kids up and head over here to the chaos that is our house. We let the kids loose, emptied a few toy bins, poured ourselves a glass of wine, added a cookie or two (for the kids, of course!), and there you have it!  A recipe for success!  

I realize it may have been a bit tougher for her, as she was the one who had to pack her crew up and get over here and then get home again with tired and possibly cranky kids, but my boys and I loved it and it made those normally impossible hours between 4 and 6 fly by in style!  

After our friends went home, and we ate dinner, had a bath, and wound down a bit with some time together talking, I am left with some thoughts on the play date according to my boys: (I forgot to mention that this was their first play date with a girl since they have made their "opinions" on girls)

1. girls aren't as messy as boys (we could still see the floor of their room, which is a rare occurrence after a play date)
2. we need a girl to be the mommy sometimes
3. girls are good at making rules for games that have mommies
4. girls are good at playing dogs
5. girls have nice voices
6. we can't hear girls very well because they are more quiet
7. girls can jump almost as far as boys!
8. girls like dirt too!
9. we like some girls

I like the progress we are making here.  We like girls, but not all girls.  We have definitely maintained our position on the "bossy boots" type of girl.  She is still NOT to be trusted!

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  1. This is fantastic! The few times we have had girls over, Luca is fascinated. They cry about everything, are interested in books with no trucks in them and share our love of Dora. ;) He's not quite 3 so he has no firmly established bias against girls but definitely plays differently with them.



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