Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Maserati or Margarita? I'll Take One of Each, Please!

Mitchell was very excited today to catch a convertible Maserati in the act of putting down it's top.  It only took a few seconds to happen, but we were standing right next to it and he shouted, "Mom!  That cool car is a transformer!" and jabbered on enough about the car and it's "transformation" that it caught the attention of the man inside, who was quite pleased that Mitchell was so pleased with his car.  He even offered to put the top back up and lower it again just for Mitchell to watch.  Show off...

As Ben was still at school and didn't get to witness this exciting event, Mitchell made plans to tell him all about it when he got home.  On our walk across the street to pick Ben up a couple hours later, Mitchell suddenly remembered that he had something very important to tell his brother.  He turned to me and said, "Mom!  I just remembered that I want to tell Ben all about the margarita!"  It took me a second, but I figured it out.  Either one sounds nice to me though!


  1. Real Men Drive Porsches

  2. wasn't your first blog msg about Mitch taking off in a local Corvette? gotta have to watch this boy. or one day he will be pulled over in AZ doing 125mph. right dad?

  3. my boys do love cars. and don't worry matt, they love porsches the most. Ben can hear one coming often before we even see it and then looks around for it.



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