Tuesday, September 7, 2010

There Goes My Ego or Road Rash

Matt has been out of town for a few days, so now that he is back, I was really looking forward to a real run tonight.  By "real" I mean making good time by myself without pushing two kids way over the weight limit of my double stroller with a very chatty 5-year-old riding bike in front of me, beside me, behind me, on my toes...you get the picture.  It feels more like punishment than exercise.

I was loving my run tonight though.  It was just me and my feet and my thoughts.  I had made it about a third of the way through my run and was running around Depaul University.  I turned a corner and suddenly, I had the wind at my back and I found myself running faster without any more effort!  I found this quite exciting for some reason and thought to myself, "I should go even faster!  It will feel like flying!"  Well, faster I went, flying I did not, unless you count the dive I took about 10 giant steps into my "flying."  Remember, I am running right around a university so there are college kids all over the place.  When my toe hit the two-inch raised section of sidewalk and I ate it, I almost dove right into two young college boys and nearly scared them to death!  I think they jumped almost as high as I did!  They had the decency not to laugh at me outright and immediately rushed to my aid as I played dead there on the sidewalk.  Out of all the empty sections of dark sidewalk tonight, I had to pick the section with two young guys on it!  

I'm fine.  I have scrapes all up my right arm and shoulder, plus holes in my new running pants and stinging knees, but my I think I left more ego there on the sidewalk than skin.  I have to say  though, I did make good time, despite the crash.  I think I ran faster than ever once I got up to get as much distance between myself and the very gentlemanly witnesses I left behind.  

Oh!  As if one episode of maniac running wasn't enough for one night, I scared the you-know-what out of a biker tonight too!  I was almost home and was coming up on a patch of wet cement on the sidewalk that was roped off.  In order to get around it, I had to run in the street for a bit, so I hopped out between two parked cars and into the bike lane and right in front of a biker going the opposite (and correct) direction!  He skidded and ran his bike into the curb while I apologized profusely.  He didn't seem too upset for some reason and there was no damage to his bike, thank goodness.  I was a menace on the streets tonight!  Watch out for me if you are ever in my neighborhood past dark!


  1. hahahahaha!! I can just see you taking that flying leap!! reminds me of "ahhh......" (invision fingers wriggling through the air)

  2. Sorry but..hahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!! That is so something i would do..Love this blog Debbie xoxoxoxo

  3. I actually broke my wrist running when i was in jr high! I swear I'm not a clumsy person, but I was running with another girl and we tripped on each others' feet and down we went. She came up unscathed while I ended up with a broken wrist!

    I pictured us running together and this is the story that came to mind... :)

  4. Oh My Goodness... Ouch! It's really not funny but I have to admit that I did laugh out loud ☺ That's always my fear when running. I'm so sorry... and what a bummer about your pants! Hope that it goes better next time.

  5. Deb,
    I love your blogs - you are a great writer and it's so cool to see how much you love your family. We're coming to Chicago Friday to see Dan, Des and grandsons, Jack and Sam - we'll be careful to watch where we walk in case you come flying through!
    Debi Hassler

  6. jess - yeah, the pants are ruined, but now i have a great excuse for a new pair! :)

    debi - thanks! I didn't know you were following! that would be pretty funny if i "ran" into you while you were here! :)

  7. Deb, last Sat. while jogging to my nail appt., I turned my head for a second to glance at a yard sale going on and my foot slipped off the pavement onto the loose gravel and sprawling down I went. Only skinned my palms, but no bleeding. Fortunately, there was a hedge between me and the sale going on and no one but God and the angels saw me.
    Needless to say, I gingerly walked the last 10 min. to my appointment, then walked the 30 min. home afterwards. I had twisted it pretty badly.
    I know better than to not watch where I am going while jogging.
    Silly me! Remembering your posting made me laugh inside as I went hobbling down the road. Please, serve me another piece of "Humble Pie". I almost like the taste.



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