Tuesday, September 21, 2010

His Teeth Are NOT To Be Underestimated!

This morning was a busy morning for my two little boys and me.  We had a lot to fit in to one morning, but bravely accomplished almost all of it!  One of the last things we got to before heading across the street to pick up Ben from school was the dreaded grocery store.  Mitchell did great after I let him pick out a special treat (he insisted on Gatoraide, of all things) but Jack was loosing it.  I kept giving him little things to play with from the cart and he would gnaw on it for a couple seconds, then give up on it as soon as he found it only tasted like plastic.  He normally likes crinkly packages though, so I gave him the pack of cookie dough to play around with - you know, the kind of cookie dough that not only comes pre-made, but pre-formed into little cookie squares?  I know, I am such a fabulous baker!  Anyways, it was keeping him quite entertained while I rushed around the store, steering the race car shopping cart with grace and skill, when I happened a glance at my baby.  He was covered in cookie dough!  He had ripped open the package with his teeth and was busy sucking that cookie dough down like he was afraid he'd be caught at any moment!  Stifling my urge to trade that pack for a new one, I put it back into my cart.  After that, I really had to shift that race car into high gear because none of the other groceries tasted quite so yummy as that last one!  


  1. ☺ Yum! I love that stuff too, Little Jack! I bet he was tasty to kiss all afternoon.

  2. well, we all ate the rest of the soggy cookie dough and cookies after we got home and had our play date with friends, so we were all pretty yummy... :)



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