Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Food For Thought

Last night at dinner, Ben asked me if fish was healthy.  After I replied "yes," he asked why and what it does for your body (he is his father's boy.)  I told him it had lots of protein and also had stuff in it that is good for healthy hair and makes your brain work better.  "You mean it will help me think better and come up with good ideas?"  He got it.  He always gets it.  

Today, while building with his favorite blocks (Trio blocks - get some!), he built something intricate that he had never built before.  He suddenly brightened and said, "Mom, that fish really worked!  Look at this great idea it gave me!"  He has asked to have salmon for dinner again tonight.  He's on a roll with this "good idea" thing!


  1. he is so smart.

    and love your new profile pic! did you dye your hair?

  2. yeah he is.

    thanks! yes, dyed it darker and a bit reddish

  3. hey, did you see my post on the watermelon popsicles you told me about?



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