Saturday, August 14, 2010

Atta Boy!

Ben is a lingerer in the bathroom.  He really likes to take his time to fully appreciate the entire process.  Who knows, maybe that is where he comes up with some of his more ingenious ideas and schemes.  It could be that he enjoys a little bit of privacy every now and then, which none of us get much of around here.  Whatever his reasons, when nature calls, he really makes the most out of it.  So the other day, when he had run off to use the toilet and hadn't returned 10 minutes later, I didn't really give it much thought, as that is not unusual for him.  After about 15 minutes though, I began to wonder if he had finished and then curled up for a nap somewhere so I walked half way up the stairs and called out to him, asking what he was up to.  He answered, "I'm still in the bathroom!"  When I asked what was taking so long, he said, "Well, I finished a while ago, but I ran out of toilet paper.  So I got a new role out and I'm just trying to figure out how to get it put on here properly!  I keep getting it on backwards so I'm still trying!"

Wow.  I didn't know he was aware of the fact that new toilet paper doesn't just "magically" appear when the old one runs out, let alone know how to replace it himself!  And it wasn't enough for him to replace it, he knew which way was the correct way!  Although I'm positive I've complained about empty toilet paper rolls plenty of times, I'm pretty sure I haven't actually taken the time to teach him this process.  Now if I can just get him to teach this little trick to his dad...


  1. Wait, so it is Ben that replaces the empty rolls?? I always wondered what made them appear :) - Matt

  2. Wow - he can be like your magic toilet paper fairy! All three of my boys lack in this area, too - I think they think toilet paper just magically reappears on the roll when it runs out...

  3. I find it amusing that you feel there is a right and wrong way to install a new roll. Did you ever work as a housekeeper, or have anal parents? Sheesh, you even close the lid too?



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