Tuesday, August 31, 2010


I guess I was taking a little too long in the bathroom this morning because my "audience" came to find me and ask what I was doing in there.  Isn't it obvious what I am doing with my pants down, sitting on the toilet?  But little kids are masters of the obvious, so I had to sit there with three little boys watching me, asking specifics about my...well, the whole process.  Mitchell was certain I wasn't finished yet because my poop was too big to come out (he just had that problem a few days ago and no, I was not suffering from that problem) and asked if I had "saw poop."  When I asked him to explain what that was, he said, "You know, the sharp kind that hurts to come out!"  Ben quickly joined in saying, "Oh!  I call that Stegasaurus poop!"  Wow.  Those are both quite...descriptive terms...but also quite accurate!  Nothing like a little humorous entertainment from my "audience" while parked on the pot!


  1. Hahaha! My audience (rocket and G) are not nearly so engaged and interested in the process. :). Tho i often get a "good job mom" from G wen she inspects my work wen i'm done!

  2. oh man, lady used to LOVE following me in there! she'd sit right at my feet and high five me until i pet/scratched her. it was one place/time she ALWAYS got some attention.

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