Sunday, August 8, 2010

Where Have All My Pillows Gone?

Ben and Mitchell are really in a good "groove" these days.  They are always great together, but right now especially, they are really the best of buds.  They are playing well together, making up games well, wrestling without whining and crying, building things together...they are just of like mind and in their own little world.  It's been great.  Sometimes Jack and Matt and I are invited into this world, sometimes they don't need us.  Sometimes they disappear and I wonder what kind of mischief they are getting into, but when I hunt them down, they have simply gone off on their own to create one of their games or build a fort or whatever it is they love to do together.

A few days ago, I had one of those moments where one minute they were playing with Jack and me, the next minute they were stomping up the stairs together, off on an adventure they didn't need us for.  I love it when they do this for many reasons, so I just smiled to myself and continued to play with Jack.  After a while though, I began to wonder what they were up to and why neither of them had called for me even once.  Jack and I decided to investigate.  We began our search in my room, and, while there were no boys in there, my bed was suspiciously empty of all pillows/bedding.  I checked their room and they were not in there either!  I have a pretty small place and there aren't many places to hide, so this was a bit puzzling!  Then I heard a giggle from their bathroom and took a peek.  They had filled their shower with all my bedding and were just camped out in there.  They knew I was looking for them so whatever they had been playing had been put on hold until this game of hide-and-seek was over.  They love it when they think I can't find them and try so hard to keep hidden, but the giggles always give them away.

I flung the shower door open, screaming "Found you!" and they rolled around in laughter.  Turns out they needed my pillows inside the shower to build a boat.  So they sailed in this pillow/shower boat, using shower knobs as controls and pillows as seats.  Ben was captain (of course) and Mitchell was dutifully following orders by turning knobs, all while slowly dripping water all over my bedding.

Luckily, I had just cleaned the shower and it was just a little clean water dripping onto my bedding.  They were having such a great time, that I left them to their sailing adventure.  I wish I could picture what their little imaginations were creating for them.  

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