Monday, August 16, 2010

Containing the Pest

Ben had a friend over today and they were quite busy all afternoon.  So busy, in fact, that they hardly needed me!  The showed up occasionally for food or water, then disappeared to their adventures.  At one point, I had to invade their little world to leave Jack with them.  I had to go to "the dungeon" to move some laundry along (I'll tell you all about my dungeon someday!) and didn't want to leave Jack on his own.  

When I returned, I fully expected Ben to be crying or at least moaning about how Jack had destroyed what they had built or that he slobbered on their fort, but it all sounded happy and fairly calm still upstairs!  Turns out, Jack had indeed tried to destroy something, so Ben set up a little "Jack zone" for him.  He picked him up and stuck him in the corner with pillows and all his stuffed animals, put a basket of baby toys next to him, then blocked him in with big bins of toys.  Jack was, so far, oblivious to the fact that he had been relegated to the corner and was happily playing away in his Ben-made quarantine!   


  1. Adorable story :) Very good big brother. Love Ben's creativity.....

  2. Oh ben... You are such a character! Wont be long to those stuffed animal walls will no longer hold in the pest! :)



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