Sunday, August 29, 2010

Where Did He Go?

I asked the question "Where did he go?" more than once today.  We'd all be sitting around, relaxing together when I would suddenly look around and wonder where Jack was.  I would be in the kitchen and hear something crashing upstairs and see everyone but Jack busy playing in the living room.  I came out from the bathroom and Matt was busy reading a story to the big boys but Jack was suspiciously missing.  Where did he go?  How does he move so fast and why can't I find him anywhere down here?

Jack is a maniac at my stairs!  He can not only crawl up them completely on his own, maneuvering the corner with ease, he can do it FAST!  So fast, he is up there and gone in the time it takes me to use the lady's room!  He can sneak up there in the middle of playtime with the other boys (granted, it doesn't take much to sneak past Matt and the big boys when they are doing their thing).  For some reason, he wants to be upstairs, whether we all want to come with him or not.  

I have decided not to put a baby gate up.  You may disagree with my choice here, but he needs to learn to get up and down and so far, he needs no lessons at all!  Why put a gate up now, only to take it down later to teach him?  I will try to keep a closer eye on you, Jack, but well done, my brave and determined baby boy!

1 comment:

  1. I agree with you.. but yikes!! you've got a lot of unpadded stairs! I've got pics of G to prove it!



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