Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I Think I Need A Second Opinion

I did something to my back last weekend, leaving me with quite a soreness that hurts most when I pick up my giant baby or when I get jumped on unexpectedly by my 5 year old.  While picking up Jack cannot be avoided, I do try to keep the "jumping on mom" by the other boys down to a minimum right now.  Last night, I got a sneak attack though.  Ben had clearly forgotten and jumped from his bed over to Mitchell's bed where I was laying.  Ouch.  After the groans on my part and plenty of apologizing and hugging on his part, the boys decided it was time to play doctor on me.  (I love this game because it requires me to lay down.)  Dr. Ben and Dr. Mitchell got out all their "tools" (it is always so funny to see what Mitchell picks as his tools) and got to work on me.  

After plenty of cutting, poking, gluing, patting, and screwing, along with the appropriate sound effects for each, Dr. Ben diagnosed me: I just need some new bones!  Dr. Mitchell's diagnosis was a bit more...puzzling.  He was certain my legs needed to be cut off and replaced.  I tried to tell him my legs felt just fine, but there was no stopping him!  So while Ben took out all my back bones, replaced them, then glued my back back together, Mitchell busily sawed my legs off at the knees, then replaced them again.  After a high five between my two doctors, they told me I was all better and shouldn't have a sore back anymore!

Well, after all this special treatment from my personal docs, the recent pain from being jumped on had faded, so I guess (although I think I could have kept my original legs) their surgery worked to some degree!  


  1. :) I love when my boys want to play doctor on me, too. Ahh...somewhat relaxing. (Lately, it's been sawing the baby out (with their saw from their tool set)).

  2. "somewhat" is the key word, there :)

    and yes, a saw is a necessary tool for my "doctors" too. how else do they get past the skin?

  3. relaxing only as far as trusting their ministrations to not actually 'hurt'. i love the pics you have, deb of mitch playing dentist. actually it reminds me a lot of going to the dentist when i was 5 years old - pretty brutal in comparison w/today. i know my dentist and his asst watch body language and when i tense up too much (which i know i don't need to do) i start getting a shoulder rub or 'are you doing ok?



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