Wednesday, August 18, 2010

I Miss You, Mitchell

It seems as if most of my posts are about Mitchell, my craziest and most willful of the three boys.  He is a handful, for sure.  All his energy and stubbornness make for great blog posts, but also often make quite a bit of work for a parent!  I sometimes find myself wishing he would just calm down a bit, relax, and just listen and obey me for goodness sakes!

Never would I have expected that the very things that daily frustrate me about my middle child are the very things I love the most about him, though.  This fact has been pointed out to me in the last few days when he has been sick.  He has croup, which has left him very sleepy, very snugly, very sad, and without a voice.  For Mitchell to not have a voice makes an amazing difference in the overall volume level in our house!  He also is not usually one who needs a lot of sleep either, so the combination of sleepy and quiet has been quite a shock around here!  You would think I would secretly relish this crazy son of mine being sick, but I don't - not even in secret!  I now realize how I have come to depend on him to get us energized and moving in the mornings.  He keeps us on our toes and keeps us going when we are wearing out.  He makes us laugh when we are all tired and tired of each other.  He plays funny, silly games with Jack when I have run out of what it takes to entertain a baby.  He keeps Ben thinking and planning and creating new games and keeps him from sitting around with "nothing to do."  He keeps me re-inventing and re-evaluating, forces me to remain focused on being a good mom/parent, and just brings so much fun and humor amidst all the other stuff!

I do not wish another sleepy day upon him.  He has slept almost 2 whole days now and we are all ready for him to wake up and "do his duty" for his family again!  We need you, Mitchell and we miss you!  And I need more blog material!  Get well soon!


  1. Get well soon, Big, Sweet Boy! We love you!

  2. ooh man! If it's not one thing it's another! poor little guy.. to have him laying low really would make a difference in the house..



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