Sunday, August 8, 2010

Why Boys Are More Better Than Girls

I was reading through Dobson's Bringing Up Boys and found a letter that a little girl had written to him about why girls are better than boys.  Apparently, he printed this and many little boys heard about it and he was flooded with letters from boys of all ages, fighting back against the "incorrectness" of this little girls' list.  I am not going to list all of them, just my favorite ones followed by a couple quotes also sent in by little boys.  (Any typos were left in on purpose, by the way.)

Why Boys Are More Better Than Girls

1. Boys can sit in front of a scary movie and not close their eyes once
2. Boys don't have to sit down every time they go.
3. boys don't get embarrassed easily.
4. Boys can go to the bathroom in the woods.
5. Boys can climb trees better.
6. Boys are better tractor drivers than girls.
7. Boys rite better than girls.
8. Boys can build better forts than girls.
9. Boys are way more cooler.
10. Boys have less fits.
11. Boys aren't afraid of reptiles.
12. Boys don't do all those wiggaly movements when they walk.
13. Boys don't scratch.
14. Boys don't brade another's hair.
15. Boys aren't smart alickes.
16. Boys don't cry and feel sorry when they kill a fly.
17. Boys don't use as much deoderant.
18. Boys learn to make funny noises with their armpits faster.
19. Boys can tie better knots - specially girls pony tails.
20. Boys get to blow up more stuff.
21. Without boys there would be no babies.
22. Boys eat with a lot of heart.
23. Boys hum best.
24. Boys are proud of their odor.
25. Boys don't cry over a broken nail.
26. Boys aren't clichish.
27. Boys bait their own hook when they fish.
28. Boys don't wake up with bad hair.
29. Boys aren't stinker. [what?]
30. Boys don't take two million years to get ready.
31. Boys don't put a tub of makeup on all the time.

"Boys care more about sports, having fun, and not caring about the way they look (unless they are going somewhere nice.)  I was made to write this letter.  Most boys do not like to write."

"I was reading through your letter and I saw the list of...reasons why girls are better than boys.  Know what I did with it?  I stomped on it!  P.S. you have permission to print this."
I'm glad little boys of all ages can see and appreciate the differences between themselves and the "fairer" sex.  These are some important differences!  You guys crack me up!  I'm not sure I agree with you that you aren't "stinker" or "don't wake up with bad hair" though...

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