Friday, August 20, 2010

I'll Give You One Guess

Today I opened my kitchen drawer to get my cherry pitter, and it was missing.  Later, I couldn't find my pizza cutter.  My suspicion aroused, I dug around in the drawer to see what else was missing.  In addition to the cherry pitter and pizza cutter, the other missing utensils were a can opener, bbq lighter, scissors, and a bottle opener.  Hmm... I was busy in the kitchen when I made this discovery and didn't really have time to investigate, and I quickly forgot about it.  

I'll give you one guess who was behind the disappearance of my kitchen utensils - I'll bet you don't even need to guess!  

Later in the evening, when I laid down on Mitchell's bed while Matt was tossing the boys around (yes, he was actually throwing them into their bean bag), the bed felt a tad...lumpy.  Mystery solved - I found the missing tools.  Mitchell had brought them all up to his room and buried them in his bed.  Why?  Who knows....  Good to have you back to normal again, my funny little boy!


  1. I'm so glad that he's feeling better! Give the boys loves for me. XoXo

  2. hahaha.... ingenious hiding spot!!



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