Thursday, August 5, 2010

Look Mom, Fingerpaint!

It suprises me how little I mind baby poop. Afterall, the first diaper I ever changed was my first baby's. I really thought it was going to gross me out a bit with so little experience dealing with it, but it never really has. This week though, Jack has pushed my limits as to what I find gross in the whole "baby poop" department.

The three boys love to take baths together. Sometimes, at the end of the day, a bath with his big brothers is the only thing that makes tired and cranky baby Jack smile and laugh. So they get baths together every single night (let's be honest - they could use baths twice a day most days!) and it is a welcome activity for all of us.

This week, Jack decided to mix things up a bit and thoroughly gross out not just me, but his brothers as well! He had had enough of the craziness in the tub, but wasn't done with the action entirely. He wanted to be near the tub, just not in it, so I dried him off and stood him up, holding onto the side to watch. With him out of the tub and no longer in any sort of danger, I ran downstairs for just a few minutes, mainly to get a diaper. Returning upstairs, I could smell the poop before I even rounded the corner to the bathroom. I knew he had pooped, but didn't know the extent of the damage until I actually saw it. Jack had pooped, then sat in it, then found it with his hands, then loved that apparently and proceeded to fill one Mitchell's crocs with it. He also had it on his face (which makes me think he might have actually gotten some in his mouth???) and had painted it all over the floor and wall as well. How in the world did he create so in so little time??

Don't ask me why I thought Ben had any responsibility in this, but needing someone to scold other than a baby who only smiles at me when I scold him, I asked him why he didn't tell me Jack was pooping! He said, "Well, I smelled something pretty smelly and now I know what it was!" Both boys wanted out of the bathroom as quickly as they could and Mitchell succeeded in making himself scarce with some speed. Ben however was paralized by poop. He couldn't escape the tub for fear of entering the poop zone. After assuring him that I had it all cleaned up and he still wouldn't get out, I decided to leave him to figure it out on his own while I showered off my very dirty and smelly baby. I walked in on him a few minutes later and he had figured out a solution - he had taken down all my towels and made a trail from the side of the tub all the way to the door. No poop on those feet!


  1. what a circus! no matt around to help out (or add to the confusion) ?

  2. Wow, I would have vomited, I don't do smells very well, thank God I have a great wife who isn't bothered by them.

  3. That is the greatest picture! I love it! Good story too. I am hoping that never happens here! :)

  4. hahahahahahahahahahahaha!!

    I can just picture that entire scenario! you so perfectly described each boy in thier reactions and behaviors!

  5. matt was out of town and missed all the fun, i'm afraid :)

    sarah - leave her out of a diaper long enough and it will! :)

    nen - i know! i wouldn't have expected anything else out of silly ben!

  6. Oh My Goodness... I can't stop giggling ☺ Yuck, yuck, yuck!



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