Thursday, August 26, 2010

Did Someone Call Me?

I was busy downstairs while the boys were playing upstairs.  As I was busily accomplishing something extremely important I'm sure, Ben called me from upstairs.  He wanted me to "look at them."  This usually is worth my while, as they have done something they think is hilarious and even if it isn't really, it is worth it to see them crack up about it.  I looked up the stairs, and at first, didn't know what it was they wanted to show me.  This is what I saw:

"No, mom, look up here!"

Oh, there you are!  Wow... 
And where do you think you are going, Jack?

I guess I need to just camp out on the stairs so that my kids can all three play in their most favorite spot to play without adding a trip to the emergency room to our daily list of activities. 

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