Wednesday, August 18, 2010

So Much for Getting Organized

Occasionally, I get to thinking too much.  It's a dangerous past-time - this "thinking."  Lately, I have been "thinking" that I need to get more organized, based on the cleanliness of my house and my boys as well as plenty of unfinished or even un-started projects.  All this "thinking" has resulted in some serious list-making on my part!  I now have lists all over my kitchen!  I have project lists and daily to-do lists and fun things to do with the boys lists.  I have sticky lists on my desktop and even reminders on my phone!  Today, I looked at my house plants and thought, "man, those plants could use some water!"  What did I do?  I put "water plants" on my list!  Instead of giving my live plants a nice drink of water, I wrote it down on a piece of paper!  Now my plants are still wilting and I have one more thing to do still!

I think maybe I will just go back to my organized chaos because that was working for us.  Yeah, my boys are always some degree of dirty and my floors could always use a good scrubbing, but it all gets taken care of in the end!  This list-making only puts it off for another day!

I must say though, the one advantage to making lists is being able to cross something off that list.  It really gives unloading the dishwasher much more significance if you can do it than scratch a big, fat line through it, doesn't it?


  1. I'm with you on this deb! will i be meeting you at matt and kelly's wedding?

  2. i wish, ruthy! i come with so much baggage (and so many extra seats!)

    if someone wants to volunteer to come here and watch my boys for the weekend, I am there!

  3. I could have written this post. Sigh.

  4. that's funny, alison. seems people either thrive on list making, or get buried under their lists...

    my house is by no means a wreck, but i really do better when i just do things a little at a time, rather than one big cleaning day

  5. I LOVE LISTS!!! And I will put things on my lists just to cross them right back off again!!! Good post! I can relate!



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