Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Crooked Point of View

As I was dressing this morning, I actually took the time to look in the mirror. Most mornings, it is still dark when I dress and I am usually just throwing on some gym clothes, so no mirror necessary. This morning, however, I had already been to the gym and back and was dressing for the second time, so took a bit more time with it, including a glance into the mirror to make sure my shirt wasn't on backwards or something like that.

I just have to say, no matter how I decide I look in the mirror, I almost always have to smile at myself when I take the time to actually use one. I don't just stand there and look - I tilt my head to the side - every time! It is a habit I formed early on enough that I can't remember a time I did not do this. I remember my sister teasing me for it as kids and I can't tell you how often I think of her when I look in the mirror, not because we look alike in the slightest, but because her teasing words ring through my head as she laughs at my silly, lop-sided pose.

It really does help me look better! Perhaps I am not imagining this and it truly does help my appearance for me to be crooked in such a way and I should actually walk around in life with this pose!


  1. Hahaha! Oh how i miss ur crooked little head!! And for the record, u dont approach the mirror w head cocked; rather, u approach, look, tilt. And always to the right! :).

  2. What beautiful daughters (and handsome sons) the Lord has given me.



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