Friday, February 11, 2011

Obnoxious Politeness

I don't know if Mitchell has just recently become gassy, or if his recent obsession with saying "Excuse me" has only pointed out what has always been there. Whatever the situation, it is getting on my nerves.

A month or so ago, Mitchell began saying "Excuse me!" every time he tooted or burped. I am sure I suggested he do so at some point, but I can't recall a specific time, so when he started being consistent with this, I was very pleased and a bit surprised. It's really not like him to be so disciplined with such a thing - especially completely on his own like this.

Fast forward to the present when his "Excuse me's" have become quite an annoyance and distraction to all we do! He is constantly tooting or burping and absolutely MUST say "Excuse me!" after each one, no matter when it happens. He will be mid-sentence, toot, and just add the phrase right into his sentence: "At school today, I was pretending excuse me to be a snowman!" "When is Ben excuse me getting home?" "This dinner excuse me is not my favorite but I like it!" You get the idea...

Just yesterday, it got even worse though! He began to shout "Excuse me!" instead of just mumbling it. He also, for some reason, added an extra "me" to the end. Now, every toot or burp is followed by an "EXCUSE ME...ME!"

I have tried to get him to relax on his strictness on this rule by saying he only needs to say it when he is at the dinner table or around non-family members. For goodness sakes, if we can't hear it or smell it, let's just let is slide, man! So far, he has not taken to this new edition of the rule though. He has made it a habit and it will be tough to break it!

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