Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Just Clearing Up A Few Things

Ben and I were discussing the differences between where and how daddy works and where and how I work. I think both my big boys are starting to notice that their mom is one of the only moms in their little world who doesn't leave the house to "work." All of his friends have nannies - we have a sitter who comes once a week at most.

So in an effort to explain to him our choices and sometimes sacrifices, I was listing all the "work" I actually do. I explained that daddy leaves the house, goes downtown, and works there. He makes money for us all and we take care of things at home. I started listing some of the things I do at home that really are "work" and not just fun, and when the list started getting too long (I just had to make myself look like a hard worker, even to a 5 year old!) he cut me off saying, "I think daddy has a really important job, that's why he only has one when you have so many!" He thought about it for a couple more seconds, then amended his statement: "Well, daddy has two jobs really - he works in his office and picks the boogies out of my nose!"

It's true. He is a booger-fighting machine!

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