Monday, February 28, 2011

I'll Cut Her Some Slack... This Time

We have been talking a lot about the Tooth Fairy in our house lately. Ben's first loose tooth has been wiggling and wobbling for over a month now. I think the excitement of having a loose tooth is a lot more exciting and a lot less scary than the thought of actually loosing that tooth for him, so he has been in absolutely no rush at all to wiggle it out.

But a couple mornings ago, early in the morning, Ben came running down the stairs with his tooth in his hand! He said it just fell out when he woke up! (Yes, it was that loose at the end.) No pain, no blood, no trauma. He was most suprised by how tiny his tooth actually was!

Well, preparations for the arrival of the Tooth Fairy were taken up a notch as we prepared the tooth for its departure. We got it in a baggie and tucked safely away under his pillow, in just the right spot where no one would mess with it (the idea of someone messing with a dead tooth didn't seem like an unlikely situation to him at all.)

We did our part in the process, the rest was left up to this mysterious fairy who collects children's dead baby teeth. Now, I have never met this character, so I'm not sure, but my thoughts are that there might be one head Tooth Fairy, but many other fairies of various levels of experience working under her. We obviously got a newbie. I think this might have been her first time performing her job, in fact!

I'm just guessing here, but here is now I figure it went down: she forgot all about my son's first tooth (monumental of an event as it is) until the very last minute. Early in the morning, she woke in a panic, flew to her money stash, grabbed the money, then desperately tried not to wake an already stirring boy as she searched and searched under his pillow for his well-hidden tooth. I imagine her holding her breath as she does it so as to make as little noise as possible, already coming up with excuses and explanations in her head to explain to the little boy in case he does wake up. She probably cringed as she opened the crinkly bag, certain the noise was way too loud, then, ever so gently, replaced the tooth with money and slid the bag back under the pillow before she made her silent and hasty departure.

She accomplished her mission without detection, but just barely! This being her first time, I'll cut her some slack, but she better be a bit more professional and competent next time!


  1. We always put it in an envelope and the envelope was gone in the morning with money instead underneath just loose


  2. Oh man phwap. He is getting all grown up!!! Sure hope i get to see u guys again soon. Ur boys are gonna forget all about me!

    And come on!!! U nearly blew it, newbie!! :)

  3. One time the tooth fairy forgot to come to our house! So sad, but the next day she made up for it by leaving a quarter instead of a dime, and everyone "lived happily ever after."
    Grandma Kathy



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