Monday, February 7, 2011

Operation Scare Mom

Mitchell can be a sneaky little boy. He likes to sneak up on me (and, I assume, others as well.) When I am in Jack's room feeding him a bottle before bed, Mitchell will slither in on his belly and pop up next to my chair. At night, he tip toes out of his room and peaks around the corner and down the stairs, trying to go unnoticed. Sometimes, in the middle of the night, I will awaken for some reason and find him standing next to my bed, looking at me. (That one REALLY startles me!) When he plays hide-and-seek, he doesn't stay in one place, but sneaks around from place to place, staying one step ahead of or behind me. He likes to pretend to be invisible. He sometimes wears his invisible clothes to school and gets a kick out of the fact that no one even knew he was there! (I'd really like to witness that day at school...)

Yesterday, his sneakiness took a new form in that the goal was not to go unnoticed, but to make me jump. I was busy drying my hair in my bathroom, thinking I had made my "stay in your room for a bit" command understood. At one point, I turned my hair dryer off, flipped my hair back up, and there was Mitchell, harmonica at the ready. The moment my hair dryer was off, he blew that harmonica as loud as he could. I literally jumped. He thought it was hilarious and ran off to tell Ben every detail of his successful mission.

I sometimes don't understand Mitchell and am often puzzled by what he likes and what gets him excited, so when he does really crack up about something, it makes me laugh too, even if I am the victim of his pranks.


  1. ooh mitchell... thank you for not doign that to me, but that really was funny! :)

  2. So you guys got him a harmonica, huh? Why didn't you just take ours - no, really, I wouldn't have missed it one bit.

  3. DDS Mitch must have seen Little Shop of Horrors :)

  4. aubrey: he found it at my parents' house and immediately became attached to it.

    dad: is there a harmonica in that?



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