Friday, July 9, 2010

An Alternative To Going Crazy

Waking up to rain in the morning is not always a great start to our day.  I immediately picture us all stuck inside, trying to make up more and more things to do to keep from driving each other crazy, but coming up just a bit short.  Being able to play outside is a major thing for my family, which is mostly made up of energetic boys who, if they can't run, jump, scream, chase, and ride bikes outside, will do all of those things inside (yes, even ride bikes if I let them.)  All those things which are wonderful outside, are just plain loud and often obnoxious inside.

So with another energetic youngster staying at our house, adding to the general fun and craziness, we decided that a little rain should not force us to remain indoors where we would most certainly run into trouble.  So we put on the grubby clothes and crocs and headed off in search of the biggest puddles we could find!  As luck would have it, the biggest we could find was right in our very own alley!  Now I know that a city alley is not necessarily the cleanest place to play, especially when my kids are not just stomping and jumping in the puddles, but sitting and laying and "swimming" in them, but for me, it is worth the risk of...well, I'm not sure what the risk actually is, so we do it!  Mom stays sane, boys have fun, and the morning flies by!  


  1. you kids always sloshed thru the puddles rain or ice

  2. nen, you goof. you signed is as me :)

    heck yes she made it! maybe i'll have to devote one to her before she goes...

  3. Always loved playing in puddles. Loved to take leaves and have boat races.



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