Sunday, July 18, 2010

Why Is It So Funny?

Why is it that little boys (and big boys...and men...) find words pertaining to private parts and bathroom experiences so giggle inducing?  Today in the car, Ben and Mitchell were starting to get a bit stressed out after about 10 minutes of Jack's crying.  Ben finally unplugged his ears for long enough to ask me why Jack had to cry for so long and I said that he probably had poopy pants.  Well, that immediately changed the mood in the car.  The fingers came out of the ears, they looked at each other, grinned their naughtiest little grins, and said, "she said poopy..." followed by plenty of giggling and silly faces.  Where do they get that?  Who told them poop and bottoms and other private parts are funny?  Well, I guess I know where they get it because Matt also was quietly giggling about the "poopy pants" comment.  

It's not just "poopy" words that are hilarious though.  They also find it funny to pull each other's pants down and expose their bums.  They are eternally fascinated by...well...other private parts as well.  There seems to be no end to jokes and silliness in that department.  How did I end up so surrounded by males with questionable senses of humor?  I don't get it...


  1. Must be born in 'em. My boys think words like "poop", "poo-poo" and "bootie" are HILARIOUS as well. Maine has also started asking questions about boobs - guess Mark & I have to watch what we talk about... ;)

  2. seriously. no more boob conversations at the dinner table! it's a little inappropriate... :)

  3. Ha! No, more along the lines of - "Seriously, how much bigger can my boobs possibly get??" I am so ready to be done with this pregnancy.



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