Monday, July 5, 2010

An Injured Baby Toy

We don't have many real baby toys in our house.  I got rid of most of them after Mitchell grew out of them, so when Jack came along, I got a few back, but mostly have improvised as far as the baby toys go.  One such toy is Luigi.  He was originally Ben's toy, but was never a favorite and has been sitting in a toy box for some time now, so we have given him a new position as Jack's toy.

Luigi is a soft, squishy car who talks when touched.  What is great about him is what he says when touched.  Jack will take a big chomp out of him and Luigi will say, "Ouch!"  He will bash him against the floor, and he will moan, "Take it easy!" or "Oh, my aching tires!"  He throws him into his toy box and he yells, "Not so hard!" or "Ow!"  Luigi gets pretty used and abused by my energetic baby, and he's not shy about telling us how he feels about it!  It is hilarious that his comments are so appropriate to what is being done to him!  How funny to hear a baby toy complaining about its life.  I get a good chuckle when Jack plays with Luigi.



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