Saturday, July 10, 2010

Good Thing It's a Big Bed!

While we have company, we have a bit more complicated sleeping situation.  The older boys have to give up their room to sleep on couches in the living room (which they love!) but can't fall asleep down here unless the rest of us want to go to bed when they do (which we don't!)

So they goof around, make a lot of noise and, eventually, fall asleep in my bed each night and then we move them downstairs when we are ready to go to sleep.  Last night I went up to move them and found a lot more work than I was planning.  They had so many toys in bed with them, I'm not sure how they found enough room to get comfortable!  I don't love that it takes them hours sometimes to fall asleep at night, but I do love that they still get such a kick out of sharing a room, doing secret things at night, playing spooky games, loading up their beds with as many toys as possible, singing sweet little songs, and other general mayhem.  With the way they play at night together, you'd think they hadn't just spent all day together!  I hope they always love each other this much.


  1. Looks a lot like Ava's bed from this week! I really hear you with the "process" that siblings go through to go sleep when they share a room. Aiden and Ava can also takes an hour or more to go to sleep at night. Cute pic :)

  2. Lokks like it was a dinosaur and dragon nite!



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