Thursday, July 1, 2010

How Long Does A Haircut Last Anyways?

I finally had to give Mitchell a trim this afternoon.  For some reason, the back of his hair seems to be growing faster than the rest of his hair.  I'm not sure a mullet was ever cool, and I am positive it was NEVER a good look!  So away with the little boy mullet!  

Although not terribly excited to sit still for me while I use very sharp scissors near his neck and ears ("Mommy, don't poke me!  Mommy, don't cut me!  "Mommy, don't cut my head off!" -  I assure you, I did none of the above), he suddenly became very excited about the fact that he had gotten a hair cut once the ordeal was over.  Throughout the day today (at the grocery store, Costco, a quick check during quiet time, at the park, and even while on the toilet) he kept asking, "Mom?  Do I still have a hair cut?"  

1 comment:

  1. i noticed that little 'tail' he was developing.



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