Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Road Trippin'

Ok, so driving out to the suburbs isn't really much of a "road trip," but any time we drive onto the on-ramp to any freeway, the boys both yell out, "road trip!"  I'm not sure if it is the excitement of going somewhere we don't go very often (I take a freeway maybe once every couple weeks) or if it is just super fun for them to be on a freeway.  If I actually pay attention to them, it is quite amusing, the things they notice that I completely overlook.  They even love traffic, if you can believe that!  One time, while stuck in traffic, Ben asked why it was called a traffic jam.  I explained it to him and he thought about it for a bit.  Then he said, "Hey Mitchell, let's call it a traffic jelly instead!"  That one gets brought up every once in a while and sets them both giggling for some time.  I love it when they crack each other up.

Another amusing thing for them on the freeway are semi trucks.  They just can't get enough of them.  They make names for them and want me to either pass one or catch up to one or stick with one, depending on if they decide the truck is a friend or foe.  

They also love talking to our car.  Her name is Lexi, in case you didn't know.  Today, Mitchell told her she was beautiful and she has a nice roof.   They are constantly encouraging Lexi to go faster or to get around another car or to stop hitting pot-holes (a difficult task here in Chicago, I'm afraid.)  They even congratulate her when she does an exceptionally fine job parallel parking! 

They also love toll booths.  Today when I stopped, Ben rolled his window down and asked the grouchy toll-taker why we had to pay her to use the freeway.  She didn't have a great answer, but she did smile!

I suppose the lure of the freeway for them is that it is a loud, fast, action-packed place with construction, tunnels, loud horns, semi-trucks, and honking horns.  We pass giant sky-scrapers and funny billboards and listen to music and sometimes (if mommy is in a really good mood) roll the windows down and get blown to smithereens!  They love it and it makes being stuck in traffic or just plain driving around so much easier for us all!


  1. I love that you used the word "smithereens".. that made my evening!

    your boys are so awesome.. can't wait to see them in a couple days!

  2. ha! and it is actually a word because spell-check didn't highlight it!

  3. Glad we can help provide the entertainment. ;) Also, you guys should totally get an iPass. It's so worth it, even if you only drive the tolls a couple times a month. (It doesn't cost, you just load it with $40 initially.) Would make your trips a lot smoother, I'd think. Although, your boys probably brightened that toll booth worker's day...

  4. could it be the 'Cars' background?



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