Saturday, June 5, 2010

Maybe We Could Take a Corvette?

After "quiet time" today, the boys and I sat in the living room talking about the rest of our day and what we should do with it.  Ben suggested we go to the park and Mitchell quickly agreed that that was a good idea.  Just walking to the park wasn't quite enough for him though.  He said to me, "Maybe we could take a Corvette there?"  I asked him where we were going to find a Corvette and he said, "We could look in someone's garage and find one!"  I'm not sure where the idea of a Corvette came from, but when we did finally get outside and Ben was getting on his bike, Mitchell was just standing there.  I asked him why he wasn't getting on his bike, and he said, "I thought we were going to take a Corvette!"  He really thought we were going to go snooping into garages until we found this car, then we were going to somehow get in and drive it to the park.  Where does he get these ideas?

Just a few pics of yet another day spent at home without any friends because we are sick.  Feel like we have the plague or something. 

  Speaking of the plague, I was just talking to a friend about the name of the sickness the boys have - Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease.  We agreed that it sounds like either some crazy plague from Biblical times, or some disease livestock get, rather than a rash in the throat.  Seriously, can't we rename this "disease?"  At least not call it a "disease?"  


  1. ahhhhh..... that is such a bummer to be stuck at home.. is he getting any better yet?

    and I love that Jack is already wearing those jammies that Gretchen just grew out of! how big is that kid!! :)

    see you and your diseased, dirt-eaters in a few weeks!!! :) haha

  2. I think he gets the ideas from his crazy dad - who thinks that just wishing a thing should be makes it so. Miss you guys see ya soon.

  3. nen - those jammies are too tight around his thighs and bursting at the buttons!

    yes, ben is on the mend!

  4. Bummer that you guys are all sick! :( We figured you must be when Jack didn't show up in the infant room - we missed him!! Total chaos though with 11 infants and 4-5 adults!!

  5. sorry we missed you this morning! wish we could have gone. it has been a long day with no daddy around!



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