Wednesday, June 23, 2010

He Likes It, Mom!

Jack is at the stage now where, if I leave him in one place and walk away for a moment, he will not be anywhere near that place when I return, so I often ask one or both of the older boys to stay with him and "keep him safe" if I need a few minutes to do something.  They really are quite helpful in that way - they never shy away from moving him in whatever way they can - rolling him, scooching him, dragging him, steam-rolling him - despite sometimes loud protestation from Jack.

Well, today I wanted to use the bathroom without having three boys watching me (I know, a crazy and unrealistic dream), so I left the boys in my room to...well, to figure it out on their own.  And figure it out, they did.  They discovered a new way to entertain Jack, burn some energy, and just be boys all at the same time!  

It certainly kept him busy and kept him from falling off the bed, which, I guess, is what I asked them to do.  In the absence of specifics, they came up with the solution that not only worked, but got all three of them laughing!  Jack is such a tough little guy.

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