Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Baby Toys and One Sick Boy

Thank goodness for Jack's toys!  Somedays, I think I could put all the "big boy" toys away and all three boys would be satisfied with just the baby toys.  I put Jack in his excersaucer and the big boys immediately gather around him.  Maybe it is all the whistles and buzzers and lights and noises, but whatever it is, I support their interest!  Jack loves the attention and I get a moment to myself to just sit and watch!

Another toy of Jack's that is a hit is his little play mat.  You would not believe how many things that has become for the boys - a dinosaur, a monster, a race car, a trailer, swords, blanket, diaper (yes, a diaper), a cage, a doghouse... I'm sure I am forgetting something, but the point is, the toys meant for babies become something entirely new in the hands of imaginative boys with too much energy!  

Ben had a tough day today.  He is sick, but since it is his last week of preschool and doesn't want to miss a thing, I let him go today.  He was tired when I dropped him off and even more tired when I picked him up again, but he said he had a great time anyways.  I asked him how school went and he said, "well, since I was a little sick, I decided to play dinosaurs instead of dragons - that takes alot less energy!"  Well, his low-energy plan still tuckered him out.  He crashed on the couch as soon as he stumbled into it!  Poor little guy.  
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