Saturday, June 19, 2010

The Pressure is On, Baby Jack!

As I was watching my baby boy roll and scootch (is that even a word?) and claw his way from one end of my living room to another and have a total blast (and making quite a bit of happy noise) while doing it, I started thinking about my other boys at 6ish months and decided to go down memory lane a bit by pulling up albums of them at that age.  Sure enough, both boys were crawling by Jack's specific age.  I gotta say, his movements are amusing and entertaining and make me smile even on the most hectic of days, so I really don't feel like he is "behind" or anything absurd like that, but we are all watching closely for that first shaky crawl!  He is so close!  


  1. Tate didn't start crawling until 9 months. Yes, you heard me right ☺ Go Jack Go!!!

  2. Oh, please - 6 months?? Maine was 10 months and Gibs was 9. Your boys are leaps and bounds ahead of mine. :)



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