Friday, June 25, 2010

A Brotherly Pep Talk

Tomorrow is Saturday, which means another try at soccer.  Once again, Mitchell is all talk about all the "cool tricks" he is going to show the other kids on the field tomorrow.  He has been demonstrating all the silly spin moves and flying kicks and generally crazy moves he wants to show the other kids and coaches tomorrow (not sure what they have to do with soccer, but any show of energy is better than the cry-fest of last week!)

At dinner tonight, we were having a family discussion about soccer tomorrow and what is expected of each boy and how fun it will be, when Ben raised his hand and asked to be heard (one of the lovely habits he picked up in school this year.)  He asked if he and Mitchell could have some "alone time" so that he could find out why Mitchell cried so much last week and if he could "fix it for tomorrow."  I'm not sure what exactly they talked about, as they had to be alone to have this little pep talk, but it sure was cute to see Ben pull Mitch aside, put his arm around him and encourage him in quiet voices about the upcoming soccer practice.  They returned to us full of positivity that Mitchell would indeed play the game tomorrow and listen to his coaches, not make mommy play with him and run faster than all the other kids, "just like Ben does!"  Ben, you and your brother have a connection only best friends can have.  

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  1. that is true Deb. They will each stand up as groomsmen in each other's weddings one day.



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