Saturday, June 26, 2010

Does That Look Like A Garbage Can?

I love that my older boys are now old enough to be able to do some things without me, such as eating breakfast and snacks, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, etc.  But the problem with being unsupervised is just that - they are unsupervised!  Things don't always get done quite as efficiently as I might wish.

Today, after snack, I discovered a little pile of strawberry stems and an empty yogurt container in a neat little pile on the floor in the kitchen.  Mitchell clearly cleaned up his place at the table, but, for some reason, thought a pile on the floor would be, what, easier? more convenient? more fun?  Not sure what the little guy was thinking, but later in the day (after yet another snack of strawberries) I walked in on him piling them up one by one under one of the kitchen chairs.  Later tonight as I was sweeping, I found carefully placed garbage in yet another corner of the kitchen!  I have to give him credit for cleaning up the table, but we need to work on actually finding the garbage can...

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