Monday, June 21, 2010

Can't You Keep Your Pants On?

Mitchell has been using the toilet properly for some time now.  However, once he has "done his duty," so to speak, he seems to think the process is through and nothing else is required of him.  Not only to I have to constantly remind him to close the lid, flush the toilet, wash his hands, don't use an entire bottle of soap, and only use the soap to wash his hands and not paint the mirrors, toilet, sink, floors, doors, etc. with it, it seems he has chosen every bathroom break as a great excuse to take all his clothes off!  If I don't immediately catch him, he will take all his clothes off after using the bathroom every single time.  I see more of Mitchell's buns in a given day than I see Jack's, whose diaper I change all day long!  Most of the time, he goes, strips, and then casually returns to whatever he was doing before as if nothing has changed, but sometimes, he gets a bit goofy.  Today, he came down from "quiet time" telling me he needed a hair cut.  He had his shorts and underwear on his head and wanted me to pretend to cut them off, as if they were some wacky hairstyle, rather than clothing that belonged on the opposite end of him. 


  1. when we were there i noticed mitchell walking from the bathroom to the kitchen with his pants and undies around his ankles. of course that looked a little difficult to me so i asked if he needed some help getting them pulled up. he replied, 'well, i guess so'. i have since wondered how long he would have wandered around that way, since he seemed perfectly content the way things were.

  2. yes, he went through a phase where he preferred not to wear the lower half of clothing



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