Monday, June 21, 2010

He Asked For It...

For the first time since Mitchell became a part of Ben's world, Ben has decided there are some of his toys that Mitchell MUST not be allowed to touch anymore.  For the 3+ years that Mitchell has been alive, Ben has graciously shared all of his toys as if they belonged to both of them.  It has been wonderful.  

Yesterday, however, Mitchell crossed the line.  He completely destroyed one of Ben's precious dragons - it was just a stump of a toy - legs all missing, wings gone, half the head pulled off.  It really did look unrecognizable.  As I struggled to hold in the laughter at how completely and effectively Mitchell totaled this thing, I tried to get Ben to figure out a way to keep it from happening again.  The answer he came up with (and became increasingly excited and animated and detailed about as he thought about it) was to have a special place where he could put any toy he didn't want Mitchell to play with.  But the best part of his master plan was to make signs with NO MITCHELL written on them, which he would post at this secret place (so much for being secret, huh?)  It really is a forbidding-looking corner of the house.  He was not subtle with his artwork.

So the dragons are safely put away in my coat closet with half a dozen signs up, warning his little brother that he is no longer trusted with his most valuable possessions.

Mitchell's response to all this?  I think he actually showed some true remorse once he saw that, for the first time, he was not welcome, or even included, in some scheme Ben was up to.  He was definitely feeling left out.  As sad as it was to see him feeling this way, I think maybe this might have worked!  I doubt he will be destroying any more of Ben's dragons or other precious treasures.  Maybe I should leave the discipline up to Ben more often...


  1. I think you're an awesome mother.

  2. hahahaha.... reminds me of the things we used to do to poor moj... :) but yes, quite effective!



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