Wednesday, June 2, 2010


If you are not a Shrek fan, you might not be familiar with his drink-of-choice, the eyeball-tini, but here in our house, it has become a new favorite!  Ben and Mitchell decided they wanted to make daddy a drink to give him when he got home from work this evening, so we quickly hunted down some eyeballs and concocted up some delicious ogre beverages!  Drink up, boys!

Speaking of Shrek, our favorite of the 4 movies is, by far, Shrek 2.  It's got everything my boys find exciting and funny - dragons, ogres, potions, eyeball-tinis, mud baths, a donkey who says all sorts of funny things they don't really get but constantly repeat, a cat wearing boots... But this movie for them is not just about the action.  Mitchell can't get enough of the soundtrack, especially the song "Changes," originally sung by David Bowie.  He daily asks me to play/sing "ch-ch-ch-ch-changes!"  To a 3-year-old, some things never get old.

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