Friday, June 18, 2010

Our Local Barista

After I brewed my afternoon pot of coffee today, I had to sit down to feed Jack before I could pour myself a cup.  I was telling Ben how I wish he was big enough to get one for me and he thought it sounded like a pretty simple chore and wanted to try it.  Would most moms allow their 5-year-old to pour and carry burning liquid from one room to another?  I doubt it, but I wanted that coffee and wanted to let him prove himself.  He more than exceeded my expectations and from now on, he is my new barista!  He was so excited to bring me that first 1/4 of a cup (his idea to only put a few sips in so he wouldn't spill) that he sat there and watched every sip I took, urging me to finish it more quickly so he could re-fill it.  Once he had coffee down, he was feeling a bit parched so he moved on to making himself some chocolate milk.  He did every step from getting the milk from the fridge to getting out the Nesquik, to pouring and stirring and, of course, drinking!  Typical male though, he needed encouragement with the putting-away and cleaning up part.  All in all though, quite an accomplishment, Ben!


  1. That's awesome! Ben - you da man!

  2. Where was Mitchell during all this? Usually Mitchell has to do whatever Ben is doing! :)

  3. napping. he woke up just in time for barista ben to mix him up one chocolatey chocolate milk! needs more chocolate, ben!



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