Saturday, June 19, 2010

No Time For Pictures Anyways

Today was the first day of soccer for Ben and Mitchell!  Matt, the boys, and I have been so excited about this.  I have really been looking forward to my boys starting sports and going to games and cheering them on and taking tons of pictures as usual.  I have a house full of boys - this is what they love, right?  So when we showed up, got their cute little uniforms on them and got them to the correct fields, you can imagine my frustration with myself for forgetting my camera on such a momentous occasion!  

Well, it turns out I would not have been able to snap a picture even if I had brought it.  Between getting Jack fed, cheering on Ben and keeping him from mowing over the smaller kids his age, and dragging Mitchell around the field, forcing him to participate, I think a camera may have gotten in the way a bit.  

Ben was a superstar.  I'm not sure he followed the rules exactly, but he was all energy and excitement and general athleticism.  With a huge grin on his face, he participated, listened, followed direction, had a great time, and took about 13 water breaks so that he could use his cool new water bottle with his name on it that they gave him.

Mitchell...well, let's just say he wasn't quite so into it.  One look at that uniform and it was all down hill from there.  If I had known it would set him off like it did, I certainly would have let him play in - well anything other than that!  I figured I'd keep my temper in check better than Matt would, so I sent him over to watch Ben and hold Jack while I busily ran around, hopped up and down, and raced with 3-year-olds, all dragging my sobbing child by the hand and trying to show him how much fun it was.  (I think possibly the program was designed for small children, not adults.)  I must have looked pretty ridiculous out there, hopping around and kicking balls at tiny people and pretending to swim away from sharks, and the like.  Mitchell's tearful excuse for not playing that particular game was, "But mommy, I don't know how to swim and there are not sharks in here anyways!"  Some other parents let their scared or shy kids sit and watch, but that's not our style and we are determined to make him like this game, darn it!  

I am hoping for a better outcome next weekend, but will at least remember to bring my camera - even if all I manage to capture is a miserable, tear-stained little boy dragging his feet at every turn.  

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  1. Let me set the record straight - I fed Jack - not Deb. She acts like she was sooo busy there :)



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