Monday, June 14, 2010

A Last First

Well, my baby Jack, you have given us a last first - last first baby teeth have arrived and we are all thrilled about it! Congratulations!  We will never see this milestone of a child's life again and we are so excited (your big brothers especially) to 
watch you grow up!  His two bottom teeth have made an appearance, and what a smile he has!  Ben is very interested in the whole process and asks many questions about teeth in general, but Mitchell just loves those sharp little buggers!  He is willing to brave the dreaded slobber (we call his drool the "Jack attack") in order to stick his fingers in there to feel them all the time.  "Bite me, Jack Jack!"  Who'd of thought getting bitten would be a fun game?  
Jack, you are an adorable, happy little chub, and Mitchell, you are very very brave!


  1. Awww, he looks adorable with teeth! Really makes him look different. Do you feel sad to be experiencing last firsts??

  2. nope! they only get more and more fun the older they get!

  3. We're still waiting for Tate to get some teeth... Jack is Truly Scrumptious!

  4. how funny that he has no teeth yet! kids are so different, aren't they? i have a friend whose 7 month old has 6 teeth already!!

    you get to enjoy his baby gummy smile a bit longer. :)



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