Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Sumo Baby

I think this picture speaks for itself, don't you? :)  I love you, my little sumo baby.


  1. Deb - did you know my nickname as a baby was sumo, because I was so chunky? But my mom didn't like that, so it transitioned to "suki" instead. This must be in the Norquist blood ; )

  2. So that is where "Suki" comes from! How is it possible I never heard why before!? :)

    And yes, I have seen pics of you as a baby. Very similar to Jack. That is why I have hope that he will not actually be Sumo sized when he grows up. You are my hope, Sarah! :)

  3. Too cute! I forwarded it to Mark and my mom - brightened my morning. :)

  4. i have an adoreable pic of baby ben in a kimono, looking like a sumo wrestler

  5. He is adorable Debbie - Love it xx



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