Thursday, June 24, 2010

A Dragon Of Our Own

It seems our love of dragons in this house knows no limits.  It is funny actually, but once one or more of the boys get a certain theme (such as dragons, or Cars, or dinosaurs, etc.) I almost get as excited about it as they do.  For example: when they were obsessed with the movie and toys from "Cars," I got a little carried away with collecting as many of the toy Cars I could find.  It got to the point where once when I was shopping for a specific Car, Ben said, "Mom, don't you think we have enough Cars now?"

I suppose that makes sense for me to get excited about their current phase.  I want to encourage what they are excited about and the more I can help them by supplying materials or helping create scenarios or help make up relevant games, the better for us all!   I've gotten to pretend to be all manner of characters and creatures from Sally the Porshe to Dragabelle the Dragon to Doris Tyrannosaurus.  (They usually don't see much need for a female character in their games, but when it is absolutely necessary that they add one, I am quickly nominated.)

Well, since "How To Train Your Dragon" came out a couple months ago, our Cars and dinosaurs (which were, up until then, never out of sight) got shelved and our world has transformed into a world where my boys are dragons and we growl and breath fire and fly from couch to couch.  My couch cushions may never be the same again, but we have fun.  Once again, I find myself looking for toys of a certain theme.  Well, I found something that, once I got it made, has got to be one of the coolest dragon toys I've seen so far!  

Meet Toothless, the Night Fury.  He is a very welcome addition to our family and rarely out of Ben's sight.  He is a hit at the park, but not to be touched by anyone!  I overheard Mitchell telling a little girl that if his mom wanted to take him to the yarn store and get her some pink yarn, his mom would be happy to make a dragon of her own!

So far, we just have the one, but one toy is tough to share, so a green one is on the way (Mitchell pronounces his name "Night Fairy" so that will be his name.  I know - scary, right?)

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