Tuesday, July 13, 2010

It's Official: We love Chicago!

Well, we have been here about a year and a half and have found things we love and...well, don't quite love about Chicago.  We LOVE our friends and the city itself and our home and our neighborhood and our neighborhood Starbucks.  Basically, the only things we don't love are having no family close by and the weather, the weather, the weather!

We feel like this may be the final move in a long line of moves, but one never can tell for sure if one is basically willing to do it again so I haven't really felt like this is "home" yet.  But as of yesterday, thanks to a Cubs gear store across from Wrigley Field, we officially became Chicagoans!  Check out these handsome boys in their new hats!

Up until now, they have been anti-hats of any sort, but I told them these were special hats that not only keep the sun out of their eyes while out riding bikes, but extra special because it means we have lived here longer than anywhere else and it means this is a really special place to live.  

So thank you to everyone who helps make this a wonderful home for us!  


  1. Hooray! Tell the boys Gramma loves the pic of them in their 'special hats'! Altho I'd rather they be wearing green hats with a large yellow O on them :)

  2. Tell them Uncle Carl says he would prefer purple hats with a large gold W on them.

  3. they'd probably get beat up if they wore those... :)

  4. So fun! Glad you're making Chicago more of "home". We like it, too. :) But, just so you know - you don't HAVE to be a Cubs fan to live here. One of my boys has a Cubs hat and one has a St. Louis Cardinals hat (my preference). Just saying...



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