Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where Is Everyone?

This morning was a fun morning for us all.  We had two of the boys' favorite little buddies over for some noise and mess and craziness.  My thought on playdates is - the more the merrier!  We make a mess and a lot of noise anyways, why not add a little more volume to both?

Sometimes play dates can be overwhelming for one or more of the kids, especially if it runs into nap time, but today went perfectly.  All four boys played together and found things to do all together, which is rare.  I was even able to let them all play unsupervised in the boys' room for quite a while!  After a bit, I went up to check on them (they were being suspiciously quiet, and you know what that means) and when I opened the door, not only was it quiet, but Ben was the only boy in sight!  When I asked him where the other boys were he said, "Oh, I put them in the closet.  They were being naughty so I put them in there and shut the door and I won't let them out."  I peaked into this "jail" of Ben's and immediately got a chorus of complaints from the "prisoners," telling me to shut the door and stop messing up the game!  Now this is a game I like.  Ben takes over the discipline, four boys between 3 and 5 are very quiet, and I am not allowed to be around!  Perfect!  If only we could add a chubby baby boy into the game somehow...


  1. your downstairs neighbor must have been gone for the day, huh?

  2. Ummmm... that was the best play date EVER! Especially since I got to go shopping solo!!!! You rock, lady!

    Let's do it again this week! My house? Let me know when...



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