Friday, July 30, 2010

Guess We Ran Out of Seats...

Matt was home all morning this morning (yay!) so I headed off to the gym to enjoy some time to myself at a normal hour for such activities (as apposed to 6am or 8pm.)  When I returned home, I quietly came in the back entry, so no one heard me coming.  When I entered the living room, I found all 4 of my "dudes" having a great time together in a way that never happens when the lone female/stick-in-the-mud is around.

Does this look like an appropriate place to sit - especially for a baby?  No, I didn't think so, but they had daddy right there and so enjoy their "dude time" with him.  Who am I to question how a father and son tempt fate?  I have to trust that he was ready to catch humpty dumpty when he decided to "have a great fall."


  1. i had the pleasure of watching matt with the boys one morning when we were there (i think you went to the gym). matt's a great babysitter! and can do it all with kindle in one hand!! :) btw - is this on your phone, or could i have a copy of it? :)

  2. haha! i almost blogged about the kindle this morning! He was trying to read while they were all three in the tub (you don't want to know why they had to bathe in the morning) and in frustration finally asked Jack, "how am I supposed to read when you are doing that?" what does he think I do all day with them, leave them to their own devices while I enjoy a good novel???

    yes, the pic is on matt's phone - hence the poor quality. i will see if he can send it to you though



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