Thursday, July 29, 2010

Big Lady

Some of you will read this and think I am "one of those moms" - the kind whose kids are disturbing the peace and going a bit crazy.  Others of you, I hope, will read this and think my kids are hilarious and get a laugh out of their antics, just as I do.

We had to buy our city vehicle stickers today and since I have 3 kids, I had to do this with 3 kids in tow.  I had Jack in my arms, chewing my keys up, and Ben and Mitchell fully exploring the space of the place.  As I was busy with the paperwork, I heard some serious laughing going on.  A bit annoyed that they were not standing quietly beside me with hands to themselves, quietly lost in their own thoughts (haha), and also a tad curious as to what was so funny, I turned to take a look.  Ben had found a life-sized cardboard woman and was busy walking her around the store, making scary noises at Mitchell, who was feigning fright and making the appropriate noises for such a scene.  

My first instinct was to stop their game and put an end to the silliness and make them come stand by me.  I suppressed this instinct though because they really were using "inside voices," were not bothering anyone (in fact, everyone was quite entertained and laughing as well), and were just making so much fun out of a bothersome errand.  I wish I could find so much fun out of my everyday and often annoying business.  

Her name was "Big Lady" and she had a suspicious likeness to our babysitter.  I bet she works for a lot cheaper though...

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  1. If they're not hurting anyone or anything... why not? :) Way to go, mom!



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