Monday, May 16, 2011

Cardboard Cut-Outs and Life-Sized Dolls

Have you ever been startled or downright frightened by someone not doing anything scary but simply sitting or standing in a place you least expected them?

When I was a kid, my grandparents had a room for us all to play in. It was a great room, but to get there, you had to race through a dark and spooky part of the house, then up equally dark and spooky stairs before you could turn the light on. Once we got to the top of the stairs and were in the room, we'd then turn the light on, and for a little while, jump right out of our pants. Someone had placed a life-sized cardboard man right at the top! Even after a few times and we knew he was there, he still scared us into giggles!

Matt and I had a similar experience this last week while looking at houses. We were wandering around someone's home with our realtor, pleased with everything and feeling quite happy and comfortable picturing our own family within its walls. We were just beginning our inspection of the second floor and peaking into the first bedroom when Matt yelled, jumped backwards, and swore all at once! I was only a second behind him and mimicked the exact same reaction when I caught up with him!

There was a life-sized doll sitting in a chair, facing the door, just staring at us! She had a dazed, spaced-out look to be sure, but to the unsuspecting visitor, she looked real all right! I can't help but think that family set her up like that on purpose to spice up the house-hunting process a bit.

The fact that the realtor was in the hallway quietly chuckling rather than rushing to our aid betrayed the fact that he was already aware of this doll but gave us no warning.

Once our pulses slowed a bit, we were able to resume our tour of the house, but were a bit more cautious entering rooms from then on. We are thinking of telling the owners we would love to have their house, but only if the scary she-doll stays.

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