Thursday, May 19, 2011

Just In Time!

Ben has just gotten to the age where privacy is a concept he understands and nudity can be embarrassing at times; but Jack is still oblivious to the idea of modesty.

This evening, after I had stripped Jack down for his bath, I remembered that I had picked up an item at the grocery store for a neighbor but forgot to get it to her. As I knew it was part of her dinner plans, I felt I should get it to her before dinner. Now do I really need to redress my baby to walk a carton of sour cream down the block a few houses? No? I didn't think so.

So off we went: Ben on his scooter, Mitchell holding the sour cream, and me holding a very naked and very happy with his freeing nudity Baby Jack.

We delivered the sour cream to our friend, who was quite surprised and amused to see us with a naked little boy, and made it home just in time! Anyone with a naked child under 2 years will see where I am going with this: Not 5 seconds after I set him down on his feet inside the door, he straightened up tall, said "pee pee" and hosed down my kitchen chair.

I'm just glad he is not only showing signs of being aware of his bodily functions (perhaps an early end to diapers forever is in sight???), but, more importantly, that he didn't hose down me while I was holding him!

The big boys got a kick out of it, at least...


  1. hmmm...he sounds like hes gonna grow up to be a bit like Andy! :)

  2. I hope Andy is not using the kitchen floor as his urinal! :)

  3. Hahahaha - I think men still announce "pee pee" before going. At least my man does.



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