Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Can Do It Myself!

I am a huge fan of my boys doing things for themselves... in theory, that is. The big boys can easily dress themselves and get their own shoes on. They can even tie their own laces, but so often, it is just so much easier to help them with these things. They are so slow sometimes!

So now that Jack is at the point where he not just prefers, but insists on feeding himself, I find myself trying to stifle this progress. Would I love it if he neatly and quietly used his fork and spoon to lift small bites from his bowl to his mouth? Of course! What I don't love are his methods for getting the food to his mouth: holding a spoon in one hand, but using the other for squishing the oatmeal through his fingers, rubbing applesauce in his hair, opening up his sandwich and sticking it to his face, and stuffing as much food down into his lap as possible.

The problem with Jack is that he insists on being allowed to feed himself. He does not want to be fed every again. While I do try to stick to finger foods and other things he can more easily eat on his own, he does eat whatever we eat for dinner, and chili is just one of those things he can't manage very well! When he and I disagree over who will do the feeding, there is always a fight, and since I am the mom, I have to win and sometimes, we have to actually put dinner away and let him sit without anything for a while before we try again my way. He has even chosen to go without food at all rather than allow me to feed him.

His independence and determination are to be commended. I love that he wants to do things for himself. I just have to figure ways to slow it just a tad, as he is not quite as accomplished at... well, anything as he thinks he is!

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  1. Every baby should have a chance to eat spaghetti without a fork just once.....if only for the awesome pictures



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