Friday, May 20, 2011

Important Discoveries

While Jack is constantly adding new words to his vocabulary, he has made four new discoveries lately that have led to some important new words.

Discovery #1: The pile of dirt and dust in front of my broom

While I like that Jack loves me to sweep, I don't love why he loves it. If I ever can't get Jack to follow me, all I would need to do is get out my broom and he'd come running! He just loves that pile of dirt I sweep up! He wants to dance in it and stomp on it. He wants to pick it up and inspect it. He wants to pick bits of food out of it and eat it. He wants to re-spread it throughout the house. This discovery has led to his new word: "dirties." "Dirties" is what I am sweeping up and what he points at right before he pounces.

Discovery #2: His pockets

Jack is almost as obsessed with "treasures" as Mitchell is, but is far less discriminating when it comes to what he considers a treasure. His favorite treasure right now is rocks. He will search the playground over for all rocks. He loves the size that fills his hand but are not heavy. Another reason he loves this size rock is because it fits perfectly in his sweatshirt pocket. He discovered his pockets when I pointed them out as an alternative to stuffing his treasures down my shirt. He now runs around the playground, picking up rocks, yelling "pocket!" as he fills them.

Discovery #3: Some things do not taste nice

While he still likes to put most things in his mouth for a taste, he is finally discovering that not all things are tasty, hence the new word, "yuckies." This word is usually accomplished by quite a bit of spitting and drooling and funny faces.

Discovery #4: He does have a mom!

I finally have a name! No longer am I just whined at or climbed upon or chased around as if I am no more important and deserving of a name than the couch or stairs. I am not called "daddy" anymore or just smiled at with his toothy smile. He finally discovered that my name is "mama!"

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